Waterways Program

Save Our Seine is working with the Louis Riel School Division to deliver a hands-on education program related to water. To learn more about how you can participate in Waterways, start by viewing this short video produced by Harry Bell at the LRSD.

Getting Started in the LRSD Waterways Program

Save Our Seine is happy to share its expertise regarding the Seine River and will support Waterways in any or all of the following ways.

  • Teacher training and support
  • Classroom presentations about the Seine River and its wildlife (warm-ups)
  • Assistance with guided walks along the river trails with your class
  • Assistance with delivery of in-class components (water quality testing, invertebrate identification)
  • Assistance with field trips to the Seine River (our extra volunteers can help with river activities)
  • Follow-up with your class after the field trip (summarizing and interpreting the data that was collected, assistance with data entry to share results with others)

We look forward to working with you and your class to increase awareness of the value of neighbourhood Waterways.

SOS Celebrating its 25th Anniversary

Throughout 2015, Save Our Seine will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. A series of educational and recreational events and activities are being planned. Events will highlight the natural, cultural, and historical features found along the length of the Seine River greenway from the city limits/floodway to the mouth of the river where it enters the Red. Each event is being championed by a volunteer or group of volunteers. Let us know if you would like to get involved in planning or hosting an event in your area. More volunteers are always welcome.

Be sure to check here and the SOS Facebook page for future events as they are announced.

Current & Future Events

SOS Spring Photo Contest

Save Our Seine Photo Contest Official Rules

Past Events

Riel Mill Site Tour

Giving Tuesday – December 2, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 is Giving Tuesday in Canada.

To support Save Our Seine on Giving Tuesday, click the following link:

Save Our Seine Giving Tuesday page

It is easy to give a gift donation to honour someone special at Christmas. You can even send the honoree an e-card to announce your gift. You can choose to remain anonymous to Save Our Seine (if you choose). You will receive our thanks when we are notified of the donation. A tax receipt will be generated and sent automatically and promptly when the donation is made.

Give Through the United Way

There are many ways to donate to Save Our Seine. If you donate to the United Way through your employer, talk to your payroll administrator to have a portion sent to SOS.

Canada Helps

Click the button below to donate now through Canada Helps! You can set up a recurring donation, or a one time gift in memory of a loved one who enjoyed the SeineRiver.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Donations in Lieu of Gifts or Flowers

Do you know someone who has a particular love of nature or the Seine River? You may want to honour your friend, colleague, or family member by setting up a special campaign that will make it easy for people to make donations in lieu of gifts or flowers. Use the button below to set up a your campaign for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, Christmas, or celebration of life. Then distribute the link to your network of connections.

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Next Meeting

The Save Our Seine board meets on the first Tuesday of the month (except July). meetings are held at 1095 St. Anne’s Road (Centre scolaire Léo Rémillard). Members of the public are invited to attend.

Update on Riel Community Committee Public Hearing on June 26, 2014

Thank you to everyone for their concern and to those who wrote letters to their Councillors and attended the Public Hearing. This did make a difference.

The Riel Community Committee approved the Precinct K development plan on June 26, 2014 with a few amendments. The minutes of the meeting are available on the City Clerk’s website at http://winnipeg.ca/clkdmis/DocSearch.asp?CommitteeType=RC&DocumentType=M

To accommodate the Seine River areas a motion was passed to recommend a secondary  plan that would extend along the Seine River from Ward Avenue to the floodway and overlay the Precinct K plan. This motion will go forward to City Council for approval, likely  Wednesday July 16.

We hope this secondary plan is approved and will be able to protect the Seine River area. As this plan will not be fleshed out until Council approves it and then directs city staff to move on it, is not clear yet what it will look like. It will provide an opportunity for SOS to work directly with the City and hopefully a serious long term plan for a conservation area and a connecting pathway from Bishop Grandin and Bois des Esprit to the floodway.

Time will tell what this plan is able to achieve. Progress will have to be monitored as previous plans have gone unheeded.

Thank you for your interest and please continue to support the preservation and enhancement of greenspace and natural areas along the Seine River.



Thanks to two Bois-des-esprits “forest guardians” for building and installing two new wood duck nest boxes along the Seine River. These volunteers also removed three old plastic nest boxes that had deteriorated in the sun. The new nest boxes have a hinged side to make it easy to clean out the old nest in the late fall and add a fresh 5-inch layer of wood shavings.