The goals of SOS


  • Preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment & heritage resource of the Seine River
  • Restore & repair features of the environment that have been degraded
  • Improve water level, flow & quality
  • Raise the public’s awareness of all aspects of the Seine River
  • Improve the environmental behavior of private industry, governments and the general public.
  • Improve appropriate public access along the Seine River (by low-impact nature trail & by canoe)


  • To monitor the Seine River environment
  • To act as a critic/advocate
  • To be an instigator of projects (initiate projects to be carried out by others)
  • To be a proponent of projects (initiate projects to be carried out by SOS)
  • To act as an ‘expert resource’
  • To carry out and promote ongoing public education


The plan is composed of a number of components. An outline of the components is as follows:

  • Establishment of a protected natural corridor
  • Restoration of the river
  • Restoration of the riparian environment
  • Establishment of a Seine River development authority
  • Completion of an urban nature trail and canoe route, the length of the seine
  • Establishment of a public education component

1 thought on “The goals of SOS

  1. I attended the meeting tonight and was very impressed by the history of the accomplishments made in saving the forest and river habitat, as well as the educational component. I am concerned though about the overdevelopment at the end of the Seine just before the perimeter and when this was brought up I don’t feel that it was addressed. More than one path and thus more human presence will have a detrimental effect on this tiny strip of forest and river. Is there a naturalist or biologist on the board that can come down and have a look and give an opinion? Thanks for your time. I am interested in volunteering at any time. Moving forward to preserve this area is an interest of mine. What can I do to help?

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