You can Save Our Seine in a variety of ways. 

Canada Helps

Click the button below to donate now through Canada Helps! You can set up a recurring donation, or a one time gift in memory of a loved one who enjoyed the Seine River. You will receive our thanks when we are notified of the donation or you can choose to remain anonymous. Either way, a tax receipt will be generated and sent automatically and promptly as soon as the donation is made.

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Giving Tuesday

Every year Canada Helps promotes a special fundraising drive on behalf of charities across Canada. It takes place on the Tuesday following “Black Friday” (the day after American Thanksgiving). It is easy to give a gift donation to honour someone special at Christmas. You can even send the honoree an e-card to announce your gift. Donations can be made to the SOS on Giving Tuesday by clicking on the following link: Save Our Seine Giving Tuesday page 

Give Through the United Way

There are many ways to donate to Save Our Seine. If you donate to the United Way through your employer, talk to your payroll administrator to have a portion sent to SOS.


Donations in Lieu of Gifts or Flowers

Do you know someone who has a particular love of nature or the Seine River? You may want to honour your friend, colleague, or family member by setting up a special campaign that will make it easy for people to make donations in lieu of gifts or flowers. Use the button below to set up a your campaign for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, Christmas, or celebration of life. Then distribute the link to your network of connections.

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Donations by Mail

Cheques can also be sent by mail directly to SOS: The mailing address is: P.O. Box 83, 208 Provencher Boulevard, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2H 3B4. Charitable tax receipts will be mailed out before the end of February each year.

2 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I was wondering if you had bumper stickers with the SOS logo? I would certainly buy one and proudly display it if you do. This might be an idea for fund raising your organization. An SOS license plate would even be better.

    I appreciate all of your efforts to protect our Seine River.

    • Thanks for your support. We do not have bumper stickers or license plates at this time. We have SOS t-shirts, Seine River Greenway poster maps, and Seine River Hydraulics and Hydrology maps for purchase and display. These items are available for sale at the SOS Annual General Meeting or by contacting us at

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