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  1. I do enjoy the River Seine – every day. My home backs onto the trail entry point at John Bruce Road. The woods lift my spirits and I usually stop for about twenty minutes at the spot shown at the top of your masthead. I love the river footpaths and that is what they should be – FOOTpaths. I am tired of encountering cyclists who expect right of way. They are mostly inconsiderate and selfish in their use of the path. Today I was shocked at the state of the path, churned up by cyclists and impassable for elderly people who wish to commune with nature. I had to carry my dog most of the way and detour through the bush twice to navigate along the trail. SHAME!
    Some cyclists use the main trails like a speedway; not as passive leisure. Saturdays are sometimes a nightmare. Can we not limit these paths to walkers? (Scooters for those with mobility problems should still be allowed. They don’t terrorize fellow users.)

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