International Trails Day

You are invited to attend the festivities that SOS has planned for International Trails Day. Come explore the trails along the beautiful Seine. A river lies waiting to be discovered.

Trails Day 2014 (event poster)

2 thoughts on “International Trails Day

  1. Can you tell me more about the guided walks on Trails Day. On the poster there are ** after this item but nothing to indicate what that means.
    I would like to participate in a guided walk, so pls advise how I would do that.
    Thank you.

    • The guided walks will start at 11:45 following the sign unveiling. An announcement will be made about the two walks (simultaneous) and you can join the one you prefer. One will head south, the other will go through the Bois-des-esprits forest. You can also visit the exploration stations along the trail at your own pace. The asterisk was meant to take you to the reminder to dress for the weather (and the trail conditions). See you there.

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