“Eyes on the River” Pilot Project

The Seine River Greenway is a treasure which helps us to keep in touch with the natural world literally right in our own backyard. The river and its surrounding lands are wonderful places to enjoy the outdoors and to refresh the spirit.

The Goal: You are invited to be the eyes and ears, and hands too, of the Seine River Greenway and to take an active role in caring for this environment. Participating means enjoying nature and communicating observations to Save Our Seine about the Greenway. You would become involved by telling us about notable wildlife sightings, unusual water conditions, undesirable plant life, garbage and contaminants in the water, river passage and safety concerns and other issues that might arise. You can share your observations through the SOS website and SOS will post or relay the observations as appropriate.

Website: saveourseine.com

This is a pilot project of SOS focused on but not limited to the Greenway between Provencher Boulevard and Youville Street. The project is sponsored by Save Our Seine – a community-based stewardship group whose mandate is to protect, preserve, enhance and enjoy the Seine River Greenway.

Together We Can Make a Difference…

3 thoughts on ““Eyes on the River” Pilot Project

    • Great video Matt. Thanks for submitting it so that everyone can share your observations of life on the Seine River.

  1. Hello, SOS

    I was going to go camping last weekend, but could not get out of work, etc. So, on Monday June 23 I took two of my boys in the canoe down the Seine from the Perimeter to Happyland Park.

    This was an excellent idea. I am so happy about the river. I had never been on the Seine before. The water was high, easy paddling, we only had to pull the boat out twice around obstacles. We saw lots of ducks and geese with their young, turtles painted and snapping, groundhogs, a colony of feral cats, lots of deer, spotted fawns hiding in the grass on the banks, golfers, beavers, and lots of birds and bugs.

    I was not sure how the river would be. I was so happy to travel through the urban wilderness without having to wade through urban garbage. The river and banks were really clean up to Fermor, and north of there only a little plastic garbage here and there. We tried to clean up what we could on the way.

    The entrance and egress were easy and convenient. Thank you for your good work on the river.

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