Greenspaces Matter – Presentation

Click this link to view the presentation for the Greenspaces Matter event: Greenspaces Matter

It includes a description of the different types of green spaces in Winnipeg, the status of each (acres), and the conservation challenges. It also compares Winnipeg with Calgary in terms of planning for future green spaces. The maps included in the presentation show the distribution of greenspaces and where greenspace deficits exist.

The deadline for submitting comments as part of the OurWinnipeg Reivew process has been extended to Monday, December 18. Click on this link (on-line survey) to describe your vision and provide feedback on the quantity, quality, and distribution of greenspaces in Winnipeg. 

Click on this link to be inspired by a short video from the Canadian Wildlife Federation as kids describe their Holiday Wishes: If you agree with these kids, this is your chance to speak up for these values in Winnipeg.


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