1 thought on “2015 Annual General Meeting

  1. This summer we moved & are presently living along the Seine River & were pleasantly surprised at how lovely the river system is here thus far! We must congratulate all of you for a job well done for helping to maintain the natural beauty! We were sorry we were unable to attend your annual mtg. this past week!
    However, we do have some concerns re: banks of Seine River behind the Oxbow Condos & near the storage units to the south of it. Recently someone mowed many paths through the natural grass, exposing some tree roots in places, etc. on the banks. We are concerned that the Eco System is being & perhaps could be further compromised by continuing to disturb wildlife, cause erosion, etc. Already we no longer see the deer passing by as they have done all summer!
    Thanks to all of you again for your great efforts!

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