Eyes on the River Launch & Sentier Gabielle-Roy Trail


As part of its continuing efforts to protect, preserve, enhance and promote enjoyment of the Seine River Greenway, Save Our Seine is pleased to invite you, your friends and family to:

The UNVEILING CEREMONY of Trailhead Signage for the Sentier Gabielle-Roy Trail (see attached picture) And LAUNCH OF the ³EYES ON THE RIVER² Neighbourhood Stewardship Project: This new Save Our Seine project empowers people using the Seine River Greenway to take an active role in caring for and monitoring the Greenway by being the eyes, ears and hands on the River. Learn how you can become part of this important stewardship initiative. (see attached for more details)

DATE: Saturday, June 8, 2013


PLACE: the east end of Deschambault Avenue at the Seine River

LANGUAGE: All proceedings will be in French and English.

GUIDED TOURS: After these events, Save Our Seine representatives will be offering guided tours along the Seine River in old St. Boniface, one of the most historic and culturally important areas of  Winnipeg. The tour will include walking the Sentier Gabielle-Roy Trail. Offered in French and English, these tours will provide the opportunity to observe and learn about

  • the meandering Seine River in old St. Boniface
  • -beauty and ecology of river bottom forest along the Sentier Gabielle-Roy Trail,
  • location of the “Petit” Forks,
  • important places in the early years of Gabrielle Roy’s life,
  • where St. Boniface began and where the first neighborhood in Winnipeg was located
  • where Louis Riel was born, and
  • Winnipeg’s largest soil and water decontamination project

Eyes on the River description

SOS_ROY sign 12_09_05

Please forward this invitation to family and friends who might be interested.

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