Waterways Program

Save Our Seine is working with the Louis Riel School Division to deliver a hands-on education program related to water. To learn more about how you can participate in Waterways, start by viewing this short video produced by Harry Bell at the LRSD.

Getting Started in the LRSD Waterways Program

Save Our Seine is happy to share its expertise regarding the Seine River and will support Waterways in any or all of the following ways.

  • Teacher training and support
  • Classroom presentations about the Seine River and its wildlife (warm-ups)
  • Assistance with guided walks along the river trails with your class
  • Assistance with delivery of in-class components (water quality testing, invertebrate identification)
  • Assistance with field trips to the Seine River (our extra volunteers can help with river activities)
  • Follow-up with your class after the field trip (summarizing and interpreting the data that was collected, assistance with data entry to share results with others)

We look forward to working with you and your class to increase awareness of the value of neighbourhood Waterways.

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